Monday, 8 June 2009


Candy pink is my lipstick of choice at the moment (MAC do a good one called Saint Germain) so I was instantly drawn to this image. I haven't yet worked out whether the feathers are painted or stuck on, either way I love the enchanting look of them. I have a headband made from the same feathers which always attracts a great deal of attention whenever I wear it. I am considering pulling a couple off and experimenting with them. This could go either way but if done subtly enough it just might work!


  1. I love Barry M nailpolishes, and this colour is great. Feel abit silly wearing it to work though! :(

  2. heyy,

    drop me an email with your postal address for the FRASSY + TRES SEMME giveaway:

    you=soo pretty and BARRY M ALL THE WAY!frassy loveee x


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