Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Haircare Heros

Every girl has a few products they can't live without and when it comes to haircare, these are mine. Bumble and Bumble are my number one brand for luscious locks and these two products are my must haves after every wash. The prep spray is a leave in conditioner that adds a protective layer to the hair before styling and after using this, I always apply the thickening spray for extra volume. I wasn't blessed with the thickest hair but this product really seems to give it a boost.
There are so many frizz fighting serums on the market it's difficult to decide which one to go for, but I would highly recommend 'Oh So Straight' by Phil Smith. Applied before blow drying, it leaves hair silky smooth without weighing it down. Any flyaway strands are tamed leaving a healthy, glossy look. After blow drying and styling, my secret weapon is Charles Worthington Front Row 'Mirror Dazzle Shine Spray'. This little miracle finishes my look perfectly by adding a polished, Hollywood shine.

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